The Catholic Mirror, September 1893

“The Catholic Church for more than one thousand years before the existence of a Protestant, by virtue of her divine mission, changed the day from Saturday to Sunday.”
The Catholic Mirror, September 1893

“Perhaps the boldest thing, the most revolutionary change the Church ever did, happened in the first century. The holy day, the Sabbath, was changed from Saturday to Sunday… was chosen, not from any directions noted in the Scriptures, but from the Church’s sense of its own power…”
Saint Catherine Catholic Church Sentinel, May 21, 1995

“It is well to remind the Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, and all other Christians, that the Bible does not support them anywhere in their observance of Sunday. Sunday is an institution of the Roman Catholic Church, and those who observe the day observe a commandment of the Catholic Church.”
Priest Brady, The Elizabeth, NJ ‘News’ March 18, 1903

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