Michael Musante

“He shall open, and no one shall shut; And He shall shut, and no one shall open.” (Isa. 22:22) The door to our prison, that once held us in by sin, was thrust open at Calvary. The crucifixion of Christ shook earth’s foundation, He led captivity captive. But, as in the days of Noah, the unseen hand shut the door secured those who waited inside God’s ark providing them safety and salvation from the coming judgement. The door closed and the saints of God waited inside for seven days and seven nights. Then the rain began falling, and the thunder began crashing, but no matter how strong man or angel may have been, the ark’s door would remain sealed until His people were delivered to the land He prepared for them. So, it shall also be with us, that a day will come, when the door to our prison where were once opened, would again be shut. Will we be found wanting on the scales of Judgement, or will we hold on to your blessing today?”

~ Pastor Michael Musante

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